Tuesday, 23 October 2012

9 Oct 2012 - Joining Daegu City Tour

Reached Dongdaegu at 8.55am  ^^ 

My plan was either to join the city tour or to take a bus to Donghwasa Temple 동화사 (桐華寺) and followed by taking the cable car at Mount Palgong since they are nearby each other.  I will visit Jihye after I am done because something cropped up at her shop and she can only meet me at 4pm.  Walk straight towards exit of this building right after you come up from the railway platform.  Jihye told me Dongdaegu subway station is not the same building as Dongdaegu train station. Its about 7 mins walk from the train station to the subway station. I will show you the way later on.

Walk straight towards the exit and you will see this. 

Many taxi outside the train station.

I exited from the building and turned left for the Tourist Information Center to check about the city tour. As shown by the red arrow, the city tour bus stop is across the road.

The lady in the Information Center told me I can join the city tour which will commence at 9.30am and payment of KRW5000 is to be made to the bus driver. I am taking this picture from the city tour bus stop and the red arrow is pointing to the information center.

Seems like there's another bus stop for normal public buses near the place where the city tour bus stop is.

One needs to choose 3 places. I planned to go to Donghwasa Temple and take the cable car at Mount Palgongsan(Donghwa Facilities Complex) at a very relaxed pace. I read about Gatbawi Stone Buddha and really hope to visit it.  However, I gave up the thought becos its not an easy hike and I don't think I can make it back within 2 hours.  My tour guide, 필여 encouraged me to try Gatbawi 갓바위 and told me there were people who made it back within 2 hours. I was really tempted and decided to include Gatbawi. 필여 helped to highlight the next pick up time so that I can complete the 3 places on time. 필여시,고마워요 ^^

KRW5000 for city tour.  

The first stop on the city tour route was 갓바위 Gatbawi. This was the bus stop where I alighted with 3 other people in the same city tour as me. It was 10.07am. I have to reach here by 12pm!!  I don't think I can make it and thought I will turn back at mid mountain.  Until this moment, I still have no idea what's lying ahead of me.....hur hurrr

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