Saturday, 27 October 2012

9 Oct 2012 - Cable Car ride at Mount Palgong

If you have read about my previous posts, you will know that I am afraid of heights.  Strangely, the usual fearful feelings did not strike me when I got on the cable car.  Probably becos my legs were still feeling wobbly from the hike up to Gatbawi.  I was most thankful that I could make a trip up to Mount Palgong with the ease of taking the cable car.  
When was the last time I took a cable car...?  I couldn't recall but I am always reluctant to take cable car due to my height phobia.  This time, I was just feeling excited to see the changing foliage. I knew I did not arrive at the best time to see the peak foliage but I was still excited in some ways.
I learnt from Fun and Free Daegu Travel that Mount Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival is currently ongoing, from 26 Oct till 29 Oct 2012. Waaaaa..I can image how beautiful the place would be. By the way, Fun and Free Daegu Travel is quite a good blog to explore Daegu.  

You may get bored as the pictures were almost the same but I don't care. Hur hur...

I was very happy even though its a small percentage of red leaves ^^

행복해 ^^

So fast???
Well not really, it took 5 mins to reach here.  

Up next is lunch!!!  

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