Saturday, 20 October 2012

8 Oct 2012 - Reached my second home ^^

I'm home!!! I reached Incheon airport at about 6am.

Everything is so familiar ^^

Waiting for bus 6015. The place I will be staying in this trip is Seoul Green Residence ,which is strategically located in the heart of Myeongdong. I will alight at the same bus stop(Ibis Myeongdong), which I did in my previous trips.  

I must not misplace my luggage tag again...

Good morning Seoul!!!  I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! MMuuuaaacccckkkkksssss!!!!

It feels great to be back once again! 

I boarded the bus at 7.13am.  Slow traffic probably due to morning rush hours.  I reached Ibis Myeongdong bus stop at 8.45am. I walked around the Myeongdong trying to locate Seoul Green Residence. The address for Seoul Green Residence is 17F Taeheung Building, 7-1 Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea.  However, I asked two security guards but both of them had no idea where is Taeheung Building.  Anyway, I passed by two of my favorite places, Gong Cha and O'Sulloc ^^

Just right after I passed by Myeongdong Nanta theatre, I looked up and saw the signage, "Seoul Green Residence"!!  

Oh boy...I finally found Tae Heung Building....Its located in a corner. Towards the end of my trip, the Chinese restaurant, Ho Lee Chow opened a new outlet right beside this building. 

I noticed a queue outside this eating outlet,신선설농탕. This place is located directly opposite Tae Heung Building. I think it specialises in ox bone soup, which means out for me.

Steps to the building...I have to remember this steps for my luggage towards the end of the trip.

Seoul Green Residence is located on the 17th floor. Just take the lift up straight. One need not report to the security guards on the ground floor.  Check in time is strictly at 1pm but one can leave their luggage at the concierge, which they called it the office. As indicated by the red arrow, I left my luggage at the tiny office.  You can't walk in with your shoes on. You got to change into the blue slippers at the entrance.  I booked my accomodation without any advance payment.  After payment, I took the subway to Seoul station to exchange my KR pass for my tickets.  

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