Sunday, 21 October 2012

8 Oct 2012 - Dinner at Kraze Burger

I was extremely thirsty and went to buy a drink from Gongcha before retail therapy begins!  I think Gongcha is just next alley to where I was staying. Unlike in Singapore, they have two different cup sizes.  

Green tea but this is not my usual order from Gongcha. 
My favourites are Alisan milk tea and Oolong milk tea.  Well, green tea is not bad either. 
 I love Gongcha becos of its milk ^^

Bought all my things and went to the post office nearby.  This time round, I put all my stuff in one box, size 5.  You can see that the weight for my postage in this trip is slightly more than my previous trip but postage fees is cheaper this time. I used two boxes in my previous shipment. Hence, it cost more.
Actually, I chose size 6 but the kind security guard told me size 5 would be good enough.  He even help me to pack and seal up the box nicely. 아저씨, 너무 너무 고맙습니다. Oh ya, Jae taught me a new word this trip.  삼촌 Samcheon is a more polite address for 아저씨.  Right after he told me this, I overheard a small boy calling out,"삼촌, 삼촌...."  Oh I see.  I learnt something and I will remember that.  고마워, 재 ^^

It was about 6pm by the time I left the post office.  The sky was already dark due to shorter day time. I gave up my plan to have dinner at City Hall because I wanted to have an early rest since I will be taking an early train to Daegu the following morning.  I went to Kraze Burger in Myeongdong instead.  

There are Kraze Burger outlets in Singapore but I have never tried them in Singapore.  The menu provides English translation and I was surprised to see most of the burger consists of beef patties.  I settled for this chicken sandwich.

It looked pretty but consisted of a few miserable pieces of fried chicken. Meat lovers may not be satisfied.  HOWEVER, I loved the veggies!! The dressing used was so nice ^^

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