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9 Oct 2012 - From Donghwasa/Mt Palgong back to Dongdaegu subway station

So back at where I got off from red bus no.1...
I was not sure where was the nearest city tour bus stop. There should be one around. It doesn't make sense to have a city tour bus stop far from the attractions. I was running out of time. I didn't want to waste time searching, so I decided to walk to the city tour bus stop which I saw while I was travelling on red bus no.1.

I saw a bus stop across the road and walked towards it.  

So far from what I encountered, city tour bus stops are usually very nearby the public bus stop.  I didn't notice any city tour bus stop around. Come to think of it, it also didn't cross my mind to check my surroundings cos I had my mind set on walking to the city bus stop which I mentioned just now.

Omg...this is colourless cos the paints had to know whether the red or green bus no.1 stops here??

I continued with my journey to the city bus stop.  I past the bus stop and walk straight down slope. This is the long winding road which I mentioned earlier on. 

It was actually a very nice and relaxing walk becos I could see some of the changing foliage along the way ^^ 

You will become crisp red in about three weeks' time..

Enjoying my walk ^^

There's the bus stop and the city tour bus stop! Actually, its not really a very long winding road. It took me about 10 mins to reach here from the bus stop earlier on, and 20 mins to reach here from the cable car station.  

The city tour bus stop.

If anyone needs to know....
And this bus stop is 동화교......!!!!

I came to know later that the buses were differentiated by Express 급행 bus and Palgong 팔공 bus and not exactly by its color. Hahahaa.. No wonder I kept seeing 급행 and 팔공 on these signboards.  
As a tourist, its easier for me to identify the buses by colors.  It stated on this signboard, "급행 1" and "팔공 1".  I had no idea what they meant.  To the ignorant me, its just two types of bus no.1.  A red color bus no.1 and a blue colour bus no.1 (so what about the green bus no. 1 that I first saw??).  I don't know their differences other than their bus routes.  
I reached here at 3pm and my red bus no.1 or rather Express bus no.1 came along.  I thought of taking this bus to Ayanggyo subway station since the citytour bus will come at only 3.12pm.  Eventually, I decided to take the city tour bus since I had already paid for the ticket! Hahaaa...

The city bus arrived at 3.12pm.  
Therefore, I think this city bus stop is Donghwasa Temple(Bonghwangmun Gate).
Do correct me if I am wrong.

I was relieved to see the city tour bus once again. Guess what? I saw my city tour guide 필여 again! I can still remember what she said to me. The first thing she said when she saw me, "I was so worried for you."  Hahahaa... I am so touched.  I am glad that I decided to take the city tour bus. Otherwise, I will not get to know 필여 better ^^  We chatted a bit on the bus and she told me mushroom is indeed a specialty in this area.  Ahhh...I forgot the name of the mushroom she told me...

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