Saturday, 20 October 2012

8 Oct 2012 - Not worth to buy KR pass

Bought a bottle of my favourite black bean drink from the convenient store as I made my way to Seoul Station.  Well, it is also available in Singapore but its a lot more expensive.

I went straight to this counter to exchange my online KR coupon for the KR pass.  At this point of time, I was still very excited.

My KR pass. I have already listed out the dates and places where I will be using my KR pass for KTX, Mugunghwa-ho and ITX.  However, the counter staff told me he will settle my KR pass first, and talk about the places and dates later.  I was a bit puzzled when he asked me when I wanted to start.  I told him 9th Oct.  I applied for 3 days pass, so I felt strange when he did not ask the other two dates.  I used my credit card for payment and thereafter, he told me to go to the normal counters to buy the tickets for the KR pass. Oh...ok... 

Therefore, I went over to these counters.  The counter staff told me ITX is not allowed for KR pass and it must be used in 3 consecutive days. Huhh???!!  I was lost when she told me this because it means I will be paying more instead of savings. I ended up using only 2 days but I paid for 3 days. Thanks to KTO(Singapore). I emailed to both Korail and KTO(Korea) to ask if ITX can be included in KR pass. No reply from both of them despite sending two emails to them. After waiting for 3 weeks, I decided to email to KTO(Singapore) instead.  KTO(Singapore) replied fast,"The KR Pass allows you to travel on all rail train types under Korail, including the ITX...." With this information, I happily went ahead to plan my itineraries  -__-
Anyway, I have already emailed to KTO(Singapore) to tell them about this and they apologised.  Well, its a learning experience for me.  Perhaps it was also my fault not to confirm with that first counter staff who settled my KR pass.  I did tried to show him the places, dates and trains but he didn't bother to take a look.  Yes, I listed out the places, dates and trains nicely so that it would be easier for the staff to process my tickets. If he has told me I can't use ITX for KR pass, I would probably buy a one day pass instead of three days pass.  I went back to the KR pass counter and asked him if I could buy KR pass on weekends at the counters.  He replied no. KR pass can be purchased online during weekends but not at the counters.  I just wanna clarify on this since my encounter on my trip last Autumn.

Still feeling a bit upset with my KR pass, I went over to Lotte Mart for some "healing therapy" after purchasing my tickets.  It is located beside Seoul Station.  I love going to supermarkets whenever I go overseas and Lotte Mart became one of my favourite places.  

Very good weather with bright sunny day and cool breeze.  
Yes, I love the clouds in the clear blue sky for a reason.

So cheap!!  I really feel tempted to buy one back!!! I think the one I bought in Singapore cost double the price.

Just by looking at these veggies made me wanna eat them up!!  They looked so fresh and crunchy!

Woww...they are readily seasoned.

The "healing therapy" at Lotte Mart was a success!  I was super happy shopping for some necessities and food. Ermm...necessities sounds like I am staying in Seoul for good. HOW I WISH!!  Seoul Green Residence does not provide shower gel and shampoo, so I bought shower gel, some snacks and drinks etc.  Seoul is the only place that I don't bother to bring my own shower gel, facial products etc becos I love using Korean products!  Hahahaa
Well, by the time I left the mart, I was totally 'healed" and got over with what has happened ㅋㅋㅋ


  1. hahaha... r u planning to get the pot later ? i will definately get myself one next year :D

  2. Hahahaa..maybe cos I already had one. If possible, I wld like to buy the bapsang back! Hahaha

  3. hahaha... the more the merrier :P. is that in lotte mart where u took the photo at ? is it cheaper there than those shop selling cooking/kitchen stuff ?

  4. Yup. I took the pic in Lotte Mart but I did not check the prices in shops/market.

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