Friday, 26 October 2012

9 Oct 2012 - Getting to Mount Palgong cable car station

As I got off bus no.1, I saw this signage and followed the direction by turning to my left.

I thought the cable car station would be very near to Donghwasa Temple 동화사 but it was not as near as I have thought.

I walked as directed...
On my way back from the cable car station, I realised that it would be easier to locate the cable car station if I have walked along the main road.

It felt kinda remote to get to the cable car station..

Finally, I saw another signage.

I saw this motel after making a right turn.  I don't want motel, I want my cable car.

To the right would be the carpark. I turned to my left.


Although this is nothing compared to hiking up Gatbawi but my poor legs were still feeling shaky..

Yup!  I saw the cable car station ^^
It took me less than 10 mins to reach here from where I got off the bus.

A round trip ticket costs KRW8000.  

Remember my city tour bus ticket?  After I made my payment, the staff saw the city tour bus ticket I was holding onto.  She gave me a refund of KRW1600 becos I could enjoy 20% discount based on this bus ticket.  Therefore, my round trip ticket costs KRW6400.  That was so nice of her, isn't it?  She could simply act ignorant.  I didn't know there would be discount. There are also discount for other things.  You can check with your city tour bus guide when you purchase your bus ticket. The staff also told me I could also enjoy discount for my meals at the eating outlet up at the mountain top. 좋아!  That's the place where I have intended to have my lunch.  너무 감사합니다 ^^  I really appreciate her kindness.

My round trip ticket ^^
The cable car platform was one level up from where I bought my ticket.

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