Thursday, 1 January 2015

15 Sep 2014 - UFF 카페

I went to UFF 카페 after class, hoping to try their popular sweet potato with cheese....
The menu.
Super duper disappointed when I couldn't find my sweet potato with cheese on the menu. I asked the waiter and he said its a seasonal item on the menu, which is only available during winter. HUhh!! Somebody posted about this sweet potato with cheese from UFF 카페 on FB few days back. I didn't know it was only available during winter as there was no mention of it ㅠㅠ  *SAD

I ordered this instead cos it was a recommendation by 테이스티 로드(Tasty Road). I liked its milky taste but a bit too sweet for me. Sigh....I really had no wish to order this again cos I have tried it before. Its a waste of calories but I couldn't find anything on the menu that appeals to me at that point of time. Basically, I "Sian Ka Liao" (aka bored to the max) cos I was mentally prepared to eat my sweet potato with cheese.  I will come back for you, my Sweet Potato with Cheese this winter!! And so, I spent my afternoon in this cafe revising for my exam. 
The route I took to UFF 카페.
It took me about 5 mins from Hapjeong Station, exit 3 to reach the cafe.

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