Sunday, 18 January 2015

19 Sep 2014 - Pajeon Alley once again!

I brought my classmates and teacher to 이모네왕파전 at the pajeon alley after our graduation ceremony.
We decided to go for set A.

I still prefer the Tteokbokki from 용산포장마차골목 Yongsan Pojangmacha ㅋㅋㅋ
닭도리탕  dakdoritang was a bit bland but spicy.
 Too much water I felt or maybe we didn't stir properly??

My classmates and teacher said this was very delicious. I told them that's becos they have not try the seafood pancake from 낙서파전!  This seafood pancake was not bad but too much flour which I don't like. I still prefer 낙서파전. My classmates were craving for 막걸리 Makgeolli but one of them looks really young. The lady boss requested my young looking classmate to show her ID. My young looking classmate was only 19 years old(Korean age) back then. My teacher said if there is anyone younger than 19 years old, the table will not be able to order alchohol. However, this was not the case when I visited 낙서파전 with my 16 years old niece during my recent winter trip.
Its about 5 mins walk from Hoegi Station, exit 1 to reach 이모네왕파전. I saw 낙서파전My favourite pajeon from 낙서파전 was just opposite 이모네왕파전!  Can't remember the exact location but its either one of the location marked by the "Star". I searched a few blogs for the exact location but many bloggers did not give the correct location of 낙서파전....미안...
Anyway, 이모네왕파전 is a popular place though I prefer 낙서파전. I think 이모네왕파전 was well received by the locals becos it provides attractive set menu at very affordable prices.

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