Thursday, 8 January 2015

17 Sep 2014 - 황태구이 for dinner

Went to a popular eatery in Hongdae for my dinner.
It was located a few steps away from Yeongdong Gamjatang

 Just follow the direction to Yeongdong Gamjatang. Passed Yeongdong Gamjatang and you will see this guesthouse. The popular eatery is just two steps away from this guesthouse.
That's the eatery, 감나무집.
You can see it from the guesthouse.

  1. 황태구이(Spicy fried fish) KRW7000 
  2. 소불백 KRW7000 (I think its grilled beef slices) 
  3. 돼지불백 KRW7000 (Grilled pork slices I think) 
  4. 생선구이 KRW7000 (Can't remember they fry or grill the fish. Probably fried fish) 
  5. 조림 (고등어, 김치) KRW7000 (Spicy Braised Fish) 
  6. 두부찌게 KRW7000 (Sundubu jjigae) 
  7. 오징어 볶음 KRW7000 (Stir fried squid) 
  8. 닭볶음 KRW7000 (Spicy Chicken Stew) 
  9. 양념게장 KRW8000 (Spicy raw crab?)
I came here becos I wanted to try 황태구이(dish no. 1 on the menu) becos I seldom came across this dish. It was a bit spicy and tasted like dried pollack fish. Not bad, something new to me cos I only had dried pollack soup before ㅋㅋㅋ 
I think this eatery was popular for its 불백 (Grilled meat), which is dish no. 2 and 3 on the menu. Saw many locals eating 생선구이 (dish no. 4 on the menu) as well.

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