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18 Sep 2014 - Getting to Mangwon Hangang Park

Grateful to KTO for giving me this map to get to Mangwon Hangang Park.
I was hoping to cycle along the river side...
Took the subway to Mangwon Station, exit 1.
The bus stop to take bus no. 9 for the park is right outside exit 1 as shown.
KTO website  states to take bus no. 9 and get off at Mangwon Suyuji bus stop.
Looking at this, I realised I can actually take bus no. 9 from HONGDAE!!!!
Here comes my bus.
Confused by this bus route seen on the bus. The names of the stops in this route looked a bit different from the one at the bus stop. Map from KTO indicates that I should get off at Sintaeyang Mokyoktang bus stop but the website says to alight at Mangwon Suyuji bus stop.

I got confused by the bus directory in Korea on many occasions. Got off at this bus stop, 대림아파트 Daelim Apt which is the bus stop just before Mangwon Suyuji (as stated on the bus route at the bus stop.) Whereas, according to the bus route in the bus, the stop just before 망원유수지 Mangwon Suyuji was named as 신태양목욕탕 Sintaeyang Mokyoktang and not 대림아파트 Daelim Apt. But they are referring to the same bus stop...Anyway, I got on the bus at 4.16pm and reached here at 4.20pm.

With your back facing the road after getting off the bus, turn to your left and walk straight.
Not long later, you will see that underpass.
Walk through the underpass as shown.
Hmmm...I think I should have alight at 망원유수지 Mangwon Suyuji, ie the last stop.

Super duper HOT afternoon!!

I assumed this is 성산대교 Seongsan Bridge.
Nothing much.  It was too hot to stay till sunset(about 2 hours away).
I didn't see any bicycle rental kiosks nearby.
 Neither did I saw any flowers around....
Okie. Back to Hongdae for some last min shopping!
Took the bus from the opposite side of the road from where I alighted earlier on.

Decided to get off at 망원시장 Mangwon Market bus stop instead of going back to Hongdae.
Got off the bus and saw 월드컵 시장 World Cup Market across the road.
The bus stop circled in green was the bus stop which I got off. The blue circle denotes the entrance for Mangwon Market if you are coming from Mangwon Station exit 2. World Cup Market as shown by the red circle.

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