Thursday, 22 January 2015

20 Sep 2014 - Delicious Cheesecake bingsu from 띵킹커피

Made my way to 건대 aka Konkuk Univ Station becos I wanted to try the bingsu from this cafe, 띵킹커피.

Came here for the Cheesecake bingsu which is a seasonal item on the menu.
There were many cafes selling cheesecake bingsu but I travel all the way here for a cheesecake bingsu lol.
Well, partly becos I wanna check out this area as well.
The presentation of my Cheesecake bingsu was so impressive that I stared at it for at least 5 secs.
Heavenly combination of ice cream and cheesecake.
I'm totally sold!!
Beneath the cheesecakes and ice cream lies the tasteless ice flakes mixed with rice krispies.

Still no regrets at all ^^
Its very easy to get here from Konkuk Univ Station, exit 1.
Took me about 5 mins??


  1. HI, I at first I thought you are from Korea, then read through your profile, its Singaporean. Annyeonghaseyo! Hehehe How much is the cost for that Cheesecake Bingsu? look extemely delicious! I never been to this area before, its it worth to check out? I can see from the picture, there are many cafes , is it similar to Hongik area?

  2. Halo there. Thanks for dropping by. The cheesecake bingsu cost 10000won. Guess that's the av price for bingsu in Korea. Mahal kan? I totally agreed lol. I only manage to check out the surroundings at exit 1 cos I got to rush back to pack my luggage for next day flight back. Not sure abt the rest of the place. So many makan places around exit 1 and I dun know which to go. From my short visit there, I think I prefer Hongdae. Well, i will still check out the place again if given a chance.

  3. Omo! This cafe is totally a great catch lei. I am sucker for any cheese cake. Gotta check this out during my next trip!

    1. ㅎㅎㅎ Me too! I love cheese cakes!! Think this may be only available during summer??