Monday, 19 January 2015

19 Sep 2014 - Beautiful moments at Ichon Hangang Park

I kept thinking about cycling at Ichon Hangang Park becos I didn't manage to previously.
So I decided to go back again before the sun set!
I will be very sad if I didn't go cycling before flying back to SG!!!
Yay!! I managed to rent a bike this time ^^
동작대교 Dongjak Bridge ^^
My favourite bridge though it is not the nicest but it brings back fond memories ^^
Yay!!  Its such a joy to cycle along this stretch of lovely flowers ^^
Weeeeeeeeeeeee.......I am a happy girl!! 

They made my day ^^

I wish I can stay here for the rest of my life!!
As the sun began to set...
Embracing myself in this beautiful moment though my pictures couldn't justify its beauty.
Forget about anything & everything.
 Forget about going back to SG in 2 days' time...
Just me and myself here in this moment..
I adore this moment.

I will be back again.

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