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15 Sep 2014 - Gonna be back for more!!

I made my way down to Yeonhui-dong for dinner. Yeah. I had a place in mind but I didn't end up eating at the place I wanted to. I like this residential neighbourhood a lot cos its quiet but unique in its own. Walk straight from Hongik Univ Station, exit 3.
Walk straight from exit 3 for about 2-3 mins and you will see this cafe "Travel Maker".
Pass "Travel Maker" and continue to walk straight.
Actually, there were many good online reviews on "Travel Maker".
It was also one of the places that I wanted to go in this trip.
Unfortunately, I did not make it.
I like this cafe for its early opening hours.
 Very few brunch places open so early. 
You will see this at the end of the road.
Cross the road as shown.
You will see this playground.
Pass the playground and continue to walk as directed.       
Not long later, you will see this apartment block 106.
The eatery I went for dinner was across the road, opposite this apartment.
Tadaaaa!!! This was the place!! Actually, I wanted to eat some baekban 백반  but when I saw they served single portion gamjatang, I quickly went in!

1) 뚝배기 감자탕 Ddukbaegi Gamjatang 7000 won
2) 부대찌개 Budae Jjigae 6000 won
3) 청국장 Cheonggukjang 6000 won 
4 ) 뼈추가 - Additional bones 10000 won

The big pot of Gamjatang comes in 3 different servings, (big serving at 30000won, medium serving at 25000won and small serving at 20000won). I think 3 people can go for the small pot. There are two different levels of spiciness. 순한맛 being mild spicy and 매운맛 being the very spicy(not sure how spicy is that though).  이모 was very very kind. I don't know how to describe her kindness and sincerity but I can feel it from the way she attended to me.
Looking at this picture makes me swallow my saliva...
BTW, the garlic banchan is very nice!
One 아저씨 requested for more soup and 이모 really refill it!

I strongly recommend you to try this if you are in Hongdae ^^
이모 told me they are closed on Sunday.

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  1. i'll be staying in hongdae and will definitely try this!! :D