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18 Sep 2014 - 짜장면 for lunch

After exam, I took the subway to Myeongdong for lunch at 개화 (開花). Had been craving for this particular food for a long time...I MUST HAVE IT BEFORE FLYING BACK TO SG!!  Oh! How was the exam? Ok. Most of the questions were from the text ^^
I noticed some of the places do not state 짜장면 on their menu but its actually available.

A lot of minced meat.
Did I order spaghetti bolognese ㅋㅋㅋ
Hmmmmm!!! Nice ^^
It passed my expectations of a 짜장면 ^^
개화 (開花) is located opposite Myeongdong Central Post Office 서울중앙우체국.
개화 (開花) and Myeongdong Central Post Office 서울중앙우체국 are separated by a small road. There are quite a number of eateries selling Chinese food along the stretch as indicated by the red arrow.
Route I took from Myeongdong Station, exit 5 to 개화 (開花).

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