Saturday, 3 January 2015

16 Sep 2014 - Wishing you a blessed year ahead!

Went to Shinhan Bank in Sinchon to exchange for some won.
Since I am travelling with Asiana, I made use of my boarding pass to get a better exchange rate.  
This is the second floor.
I went in.
Everything was in Korean and everyone was busy attending to customers.
I went to the third floor to see if I can ask anyone where to exchange some currency. Ermmm..."Premier Lounge". No choiceThe office layout on the third floor was different. A young Korean guy stood up from his workstation to greet me as I stepped into the office. I told him that I probably came to the wrong place cos I didn't understand all the Korean words in the second floor. He smiled and assured me its ok, told me to take a seat as he processed my request for currency exchange. Yes, he can speak some English ^^ At the end of the transaction, I asked him again if this should be done at the second floor. He smiled and replied, "Yes". Omgggg so embarrassed but so grateful to him at the same time. He could have easily referred me back to the second floor but he didn't. He took up the responsibility to help me. Thank you so much!!  I should have wrote in a compliment for him! Arghhhhh...I forgot to ask for his name. From the bottom of my heart, I wish him a smooth career advancement and a blessed year ahead ^^

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