Sunday, 26 October 2014

31 Aug 2014 - Exploring 소래습지생태공원 Sorae Ecology Park

It took me about 7 mins to reach the park from the fish market.
That's the entrance of the park.
Free Bicycle Rental!! So cool!!
Unfortunately, they are unable to rent to foreigners.
A Korean lady helped me to translate to the bike rental staff and she told me "Dangerous".
Anyway, I wanted to ask how about using my student pass but I think she didn't hear me.
Passed the bike rental shop and walk straight in.
Think I need to get a new camera...
Anyway, the place circled in red was the reason why I came to this park. Apologies for the blur image. That's the 3 windmills in the park. Yeah. I came here for the 3 windmills. Many locals came here for the 3 windmills too. It may not appear anything special to you but the idyllic surroundings of the park makes me wanna come back for a second visit!

Does it reminds you of 순천만 자연생태공원 Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park?

Woww so many different species of birds.

What are they searching for?
I am glad that I didn't manage to rent the bicyle afterall ㅋㅋㅋ
Saw the 3 windmills in the picture?
Here I come!!
The salt farm which is no longer in commercial use, but salt is still produced here to educate visitors. 

Wish I am staying in one of those apartments in the background.
I will definitely come to this park every other day if I stay nearby!

Childhood 童年

I took a shorter route back to Soraepogu Station as shown by the red dotted line.
 If you do not want to visit the fish market, you can take this route.
Its almost 4pm.
Time to go back for some revision.

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