Sunday, 19 October 2014

30 Aug 2014 - My 2nd stop at Yeongdong Grape Festival ~ 와인코리아

와인코리아 Wine Korea 
Reach here around 11.30am.
One of my favorite Korean drama ^^
I rewatched the drama in this trip since the channels were playing it over and over again.
It still got me glued to the TV though lol

You can have a warm wine footbath here at 5000 won.

Wine cellar?
This was probably the coolest place for this day trip...
There's a restaurant beside this wine cellar and a cafe outside selling pasta.
Nothing much in Wine Korea or have I missed out any places??
Okie, its time to move on to the next stop, 
축제장 Yeongdong Festive ground.
I managed to catch the shuttle bus at 12pm.
Yes. I paid another 200won for my bus fare.

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