Sunday, 12 October 2014

29 Aug 2014 - Buying train ticket to Yeongdong station

 There were a few cafes and a small canteen in KLI.  I decided to try the canteen food for lunch today. This was my 된장 찌개 Doenjang Jjigae for lunch. Only 3500 won. School canteen food are always cheaper right? I think this was pretty delicious but my classmate thought otherwise. 
After class, I went to Seoul Station to buy my ticket for tomorrow's day trip to 영동 for 영동 포도축제 Yeongdong Grape Festival. I took the bus from "Ehwa Womans Univ Back Gate". There were many buses going to Seoul Station from here. Ehhh I forgot which bus I took.
"Ehwa Womans Univ Back Gate" bus stop is in the middle of the road.
The bus ride took about 8 mins. 
Seoul Station was across the road.
Queuing up at the counter to buy my ticket.
I did not attempt to buy ticket from the kiosk though..
There was only standing ticket left from Seoul Station to 영동 Yeongdong station. The train journey is about 2 hours 30mins but I grabbed the ticket anyway. The next available time with seating was too late for me. Fortunately, there were seats available for my return trip.  If you do not mind sitting on the floor in the train, you can do that but please do so without causing any obstruction. There will be standing areas in the train and its usually in between the compartments where the toilet is located...I saw people using newspaper as seat mat on the floor. For me? Nah...I stood throughout the whole journey.

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