Wednesday, 8 October 2014

26 Aug 2014 - 제 돈까스 밥 버거 에요

제 돈까스 밥 버거 에요 My Tonkatsu rice burger from 봉구스밥버거 BonGousse.
2000 won. Cheap and filling.
I warmed it up using the microwave. It would taste better if I have eaten it at the shop instead of take out. The sauce was a bit too sour. Too much sauce perhaps.
Yap. Bought my rice burger from here. They have quite a few outlets. I saw one in Sinchon too, near Yonsei University main gate. The shop was very small and packed with people. That was the reason why I decided to take out instead.
봉구스밥버거 BonGousse is about 5 mins walk from Hongik university Station, exit 9.
The shop is located on the second level. 
 You can see it along the main road. 

Spoilt for choice!

Remember I mentioned about this in my earlier post?
I was all wet despite having my umbrella and I spent the rest of my evening washing and drying my clothing and sneakers.

 Yoni made it easy for her guests by having these yellow stickers as markers.
I need to press only these three buttons ^^

The "tissue" which acts as the detergent came out in one piece after washing completes.

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