Tuesday, 7 October 2014

26 Aug 2014 - 마카롱 아이스크림 ^^

A hearty brunch of spam, eggs, bread and a few peach slices before going for the placement test at Yonsei KLI.

Decided to stay around Hongdae after the placement test because it looks like its going to rain soon. Yes! 앤티크 Antique!! I found it. It started pouring as I entered the shop. Should I or should I not buy the 마카롱 아이스크림 today?? It will be a hassle to carry it in the rain. Aiya. Heck! Just buy!
I came here with my mind all set to try their cheese cake flavour ice cream.
SOoooooooo disappointed when the guy told me they had only 4 basic flavours left ㅠㅠ
I forgot what time they are open.
Was it 12pm? ?

I chose vanilla flavour. It did not look as colourful as the ones I saw online.
I wish he can give me something more colourful...
My friends asked me is it very sweet since macaron and ice cream are sweet.
My reply, "Not bad. Not as sweet as you think. Its macaron + ice cream lor. I like it."

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