Sunday, 12 October 2014

28 Aug 2014 - For the red bean lovers.

Lunch at 옥루몽 after class. This outlet is along the main road, near to the back gate of the university. So happy to see they have an outlet near the school becos 옥루몽 is on my bucket list of food to try for this trip. I saw another outlet in Hapjeong. 
I ordered the traditional red bean sherbet and the traditional red bean bread.
떡.  I wanted to buy back to Singapore but I forgotten all about it....
Traditional red bean bread 2500 won.

I thought the red beans was only on the surface but NO!
This 팥빙수 was really delicious!
I love the milk in it ^^ Yum Yum!
Here comes the traditional red bean bread.
A lot of red beans in it!
Red beans lovers will love this place.

Okie. Its almost time for my pottery class!

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