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25 Aug 2014 - Delicious lunch at 마시찜

Another carefree day ㅋㅋㅋ 
I really enjoy this trip because I don't feel like I am a tourist at all ㅎㅎㅎ No stress. No worries. Hey, being a tourist can be stressful too, you know. Stress to find a location. Stress of being unable to finish visiting all the desired places in time. Stress of keeping up with the tour group etc. You know what I mean ㅎㅎㅎ 

I heard that there is some construction work going on at Yonsei University. Therefore, I decided to check out the place just in case I have difficulties locating KLI tomorrow. This was what I saw from the main gate.
Finally, I reached here after much ups and down the slopes and steps...
I miss the class...I miss my teacher and classmates...I miss walking to this building everyday ㅠㅠ  Yeah. I walked from my apartment to the school every morning. It was a good opportunity to exercise ㅋㅋㅋ Took me about 25 mins. It was quite cooling in the morning and it made walking such a pleasure ^^
I went to 마시찜 Masizzim at Garosu-gil for lunch after checking out the KLI. Heard this is a popular restaurant. I saw an outlet in Sangsu and probably one in Myeongdong. I have always wanted to try 돼지갈비찜 Dwaeji Galbi Jjim(Pork ribs stew) but hardly come across it. Most of the time is 갈비찜 Galbijjim, which I can't take. So glad when I get to know about this place and it serves single portion!  Yeah!!!
The red dotted line was the route I took from Sinsa station, exit 8.
It was easy to locate 마시찜 Masizzim ^^

Less than 5 mins walk from exit 8.

English translations ^^

My stewed pork ribs set (6000won) and steam egg (3000won) ^^
The steam egg tasted average but I like steam egg 
There were tteok and mushrooms as well ^^
Somehow, it reminds me of a dish that I always ask mum to cook.
The taste is almost similar!
Looking at this picture makes me hungry...
There were 4 small pieces of pork ribs.  Yes. I counted the number of pork ribs in this little hot pot for the benefit of writing my blog ㅎㅎㅎ  This serving was just nice for me ^^ The meat was so tender and tasty! Please try it out if you come across this restaurant

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