Thursday, 9 October 2014

27 Aug 2014 - Love the Earl Grey cake at Snob cafe ^^

First day at class!
So excited!!

Although I did not talk much about my lessons and school days in KLI, but I really looked forward to class everyday ^^ I think they provide better chairs and tables nowadays as compared to few years ago. 
I went to Sangsu for 스누브 카페 Snob Cafe after class.
The cafe is rather insignificant. One can easily walk past the cafe without noticing it. The red dotted line was the route I took from Sangsu station, exit 1. 
Snob is located beside "Pinkage".

I don't know why but I craved a lot for cakes in this trip...
I ordered my cakes and went up to the second storey.
You placed your order for beverages on the second storey.
Actually, I like the settings of the cafe but there were too many people when I was there. I felt it was too noisy but it also mean that this place is popular.
레몬밤차, 얼그레이케이크, 고구마 케이크 ^^
Lemon Balm Tea, Earl Grey cake and Sweet Potato cake  ^^
The sweet potato cake was not as sweet as I thought.
I prefer the Earl Grey Cake though.
In fact, I am in love with it ㅎㅎㅎ

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