Wednesday, 1 October 2014

24 Aug 2014 - Mangwon market at 7pm

After dinner, I walked over to Mangwon market. 
Direction shown in my previous post,

This is the eatery where I wanted to visit previously.
Just a few steps from the entrance of the market.
This is the place that sells cheap noodle!!
잔치국수 Janchi Guksu at only 1500won!!
So cheap but I could not eat anymore!
I will be back!!
I can eat no more....
Oh! Isaac Toast ^^
My intention to check out this market is also to buy some food to cook ㅋㅋㅋ
삼겹살을사고싶어요 ^^

Beside some condiments and other ingredients, I also bought some 삼겹살. The stall lady was very nice and friendly. Can't remember how many grams for this amount but it cost me 5000won, which allows me to cook for three meals ^^ I think I like Mangwon market a lot hahahaa cos it feels very local and non touristy.

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