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30 Aug 2014 - Getting to 영동 포도축제 Yeongdong Grape Festival

Itinerary for the day was a day trip to 영동 포도축제 Yeongdong Grape Festival. 
I reached Seoul Station at 6.50am *Sleepy
No seat number on my ticket since mine was a standing ticket.
"부산행" circled in red reflects the final station for this train.

In this case, Busan was the final station. 
Therefore, I had to look for Busan instead of Yeongdong.

Standing area on the train.
I am fine with standing but time seemed to be crawling when I am standing ㅎㅎㅎ
Finally, I reached Yeongdong Station after more than 2 hours of standing!
Tentages were set up in front of the train station. I approached one of the staff for the location of shuttle bus to the grape farm or rather Grapes Picking Experience Site. Shuttle bus is available only during the festival.
On my right were those tentages as mentioned. On my left(as shown by the blue arrow), is where you take the shuttle bus If you want to go to the festive ground first. If you want to go to the Grape Picking Experience Site first, you got to take the shuttle bus across the road as shown by the yellow arrow. 
Shuttle bus timetable during this festival, 28 Aug till 31 Aug 2014.
1) 축제장 - Festive Ground
2) 영동역 - Yeongdong Train Station
3) 포도따기체험장 - Grapes Experience Picking Site
4) 와인코리아 - Wine Korea
5) 영동역 - Yeongdong Train Station
6) 축제장 - Festive Ground

Here comes the shuttle bus at 10.05am.
The bus fare was 200 won.

You pay whenever you got onto the shuttle bus.
It is not a one time payment for visiting the places on the shuttle bus route.
Reached the Grapes Picking Experience Site at 10.12am.
I followed the locals...
So cute ^^
Everyone was busy deciding how many empty boxes to get, except me ㅎㅎㅎ
I didn't want to carry a heavy box back to Seoul.
Most importantly, I won't be able to finish all the grapes by myself!
I think it says one box can contain about 2kg of grapes, which is about 5-6 bunches of grapes at 5000 won.
So cheap!!
Errmmm...please feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes!

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