Tuesday, 14 October 2014

29 Aug 2014 - Sinful indulgence

Whenever I passed by this cafe, I would have already taken my meal and too full to eat anymore. Since I passed by again and this time, on an empty stomach, I will have my sweet treat first before the proper meal. Actually, I wanted to eat fried chicken for dinner, wouldn't it be too sinful to consume so much calories at this hour??? Aiya bochap! Don't care lah!
Second floor
How much do you understand from this menu....
I asked the waiter for recommendations and he suggested, "바로구운 초콜릿케이크 
Moelleux Chaud au Chocolat".
There are two sizes available.
I chose the smaller size.
바로구운 초콜릿케이크 하고사과 주스.
My Moelleux Chaud au Chocolat and apple juice.
OOoooooooo...I can't wait to eat you!!!
It does not look appealing but it tasted SUPERB!!!

The route that I took from Hongik Univ Station, exit 8.
Another sinful indulgence for the night!!
This serving was just the right amount for me.
I have never tried Popeyes in Korea before.
Popeyes fried chickens in Korea tasted better than the ones in SG.

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