Thursday, 9 October 2014

27 Aug 2014 - Cooking my own dinner

Making some kelp broth to cook my porridge. 
Yeah. I decided to cook my own dinner that evening.
So what's for dinner???
Kimchi Prawn Porridge 김치 새우 죽 and stir fried mushrooms 볶음버섯
Love these mushrooms so much!
 내가 만든볶음버섯.
My stir fried mushrooms.
Kimchi Prawn Porridge in the process..
The kimchi juice was sooooo precious!
The porridge will not taste good if there is too little juice.
내가 만든김치새우죽.
My Kimchi Prawn Porridge served in the little golden pot, which I bought from Daiso at 3000 won ㅋㅋㅋ  Didn't managed to bring back this pot cos I couldn't squeeze it into my luggage...

Okie, time to hit the books. Everyday, I will set aside time to revise what I have learnt for the day. 숙제 homework was given occassionally but it is neccessary to do your own revision daily. I felt it is harder for people without any knowledge of Hangul to catch up but not to worry, you can still catch up if you are diligent enough ^^ You can also practise constructing sentences at home and let your teacher check it during class. They will be most happy to help you. There were 4 papers to complete for 시험 exam. They are namely, 읽기(Reading), 쓰기(Writing), 듣기(Listening) and 말하기(Speaking). Initially, I thought "읽기" is to read out some passages and let the teacher check for reading fluency. Well, that was not the case. Basically, its set of papers(few pages) with lots of paragraphs. Read, understand the paragraphs and answer the questions in the papers. This was easy because all the paragraphs were extracted from the textbook. By the way, you must have 60 marks and above for EVERY paper in order to get the certificate. 

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