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31 Aug 2014 - Getting to 소래철교 Sorae Railway Bridge

Its Sunday. Itinerary for the day is a day trip to 소래습지생태공원Sorae Ecology Park. The subway journey to Soraepogu station took about 87mins with 2 transfers required but personally, I felt its worth the trip. One of the transfer was at Woninjae Station. 
Timetable for train bound for Oido at Woninjae station.
I reached 
Woninjae Station at 10.53am and the next train arrived at 11.01am sharp.

There were so many non Koreans waiting for the subway here!
No. They didn't look like tourists but probably foreigners who work in Korea *Envy
Suddenly, I felt I was back in SG Orchard road/Wisma Atria on a Sunday. 
From exit 2 of Soraepogu station, turn right and walk along the main road.
No. 1 is Sorae History Museum 소래 역사관
No. 3 is Sorae Railway Bridge 소래철교

No. 4 is Sorae Fish Market 소래 어시장
No. 6 is Sorae Ecology Park 소래습지생태공원
From exit 2, I turned to my right and walked straight down along the main road.

Woww Koreans can pitch a tent anywhere!
Cross the road, making my way to Sorae Ecology Park 소래습지생태공원.
There is a shorter route to get to the park but I took the longer route to check out the fish market.
This is Sorae History Museum.
I didn't went in though I planned to.
A little regret that I didn't went in....

Before checking out the fish market, I took the stairs to check out Sorae Railway Bridge 소래철교 (as shown by the green arrow). The fish market is beside the bridge. Check out this blogger who talks about the bridge.  Quite interesting.

네. 소래철교.

Used to be a railway bridge but its a pedestrian walkway now. 

That's the new bridge.
And that's 소래 어시장 Sorae Pogu Fish Market.

The rails which is now covered up.
You will see lots of stalls selling fried prawns fritters.
Yes. I'm gonna try it!

Gonna walk over to Sorae Fish Market now.

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