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3 April 2012 - Haejangguk 해장국

After I checked in and settled down, I sms my friend, Jae of what had happened.  I didn't want to trouble anyone but just feel like telling someone.  Still feeling a bit stunned of things that took place but I felt very thankful that I can still reach Elysee Motel safely.. Set my alarm to wake up at 5pm for dinner.   No pictures of food so far right??  Yup, I did not have any food except for one cup of green tea latte since I touched down at Incheon Airport.  I wasn't hungry and had no appetite at all.  This was very unusual because I love Korean food a lot.  I knew I have to eat something so I went out to check for any food that appeals to me...

Nothing appeals to me hahahaa because I really have no appetite.  I saw this small eating place and decided to eat here.  It was nearby my motel.  From the motel, about 5 mins down the slope and you will see it on the right hand side.
I think they have only two dishes in their menu.  Haejangguk 해장국 and Kimbap set meal.  I thought the prices were cheap.

I was not sure what was Haejangguk 해장국 but suspected that it could contain beef which I don't eat...I wanted hot soup and I like rice in soup, so I settled on Haejangguk 해장국.     I didn't eat the meat but only the rice, veggies and soup...It was later when I confirmed with Mr Son, he told me, "Yes, it contains beef"   아미타불 .....
I just found out from Wikipedia that Haejangguk 해장국 is also a soup to cure hangover. It is also called sulguk (술국) in pure Korean.  
My eye condition made me very tired, so I decided to have an early rest that day.  Fortunately, my itinerary did not have much plans for the first day in Busan. I told Mr Son that I would need to go to the hospital the next morning.  He asked if I mind to take his scooter because he could bring me to a hospital or an eye specialist which is well known in Busan.  Omgg....why would I mind?  I couldn't be more grateful to him!  Mr Son said its easier to travel in scooter because of parking issues and traffic condition.   He also told me he brought his guests to this eye specialist before and was quite ok.  
I preferred to go to the hospital and he said he leave it to me to decide.  I asked Mr Son whether it would be expensive to see a doctor in the hospital or even the eye specialist.  He had no idea and asked if I bought any travel insurance as that would be helpful.   Mr Son said there was once where he brought his guest to the hospital due to some stomach problem.  The medical bill was about KRW100,000 because unlike the Koreans, foreigners do not have health insurance coverage. Well, KRW100,000 sounds ok to me because medical bills in Singapore ain't cheap.   

I remembered Seon Young ever told me something about health insurance in Korea.  I think that is something really beneficial.  Mr Son agreed that this health insurance for all Koreans is very good and something which he is very proud of.

After our chat, Mr Son and I agreed to meet at the motel lobby at 9am the next day. 

(Ok, got to prepare for work or rather OT now...zzzz...zzzz....)

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