Sunday, 29 April 2012

4 April 2012 - 해물 칼국수 for dinner

Ok set! 칼국수 it shall be!
This restaurant was located near the tents for Saju reading.

The menu

Long list of food menu but my mind was already set on 해물 칼국수.
There were only three customers when I entered the place.

맛있다 ^^

I wanted to go back to the motel after dinner.  It was dark and I had no idea where I was...  
Busy road at night...

Since I didn't know where was I, I decided to walk along the main road to get to the nearest subway station.  It happened to be Jagalchi station. 

I took the subway to Nampo station.  Felt most stupid when I came out from exit 7.   This was where I walked just now!!  Omggg...
I knew I was somewhere near the motel and I have walked passed all these shops at least 3 times.  Really don't trust my sense of direction at night..I showed the map and asked a salesperson who can speak quite fluent English.  He gave me the direction...I also ask two high school students along the way.  Their English was not bad but they were not sure of the direction.  After bumping here and there, I finally got back to the motel. By then, I can feel that my bowl of 칼국수 had been digested  -__-  
Actually, I wanted to book the night city tour last night for today but I changed my mind because it was very cold... Well, another reason to come Busan again!  Hahahaa...

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