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4 April 2012 - Taegeukdo Village

Bear with me for this post cos I'm not good at taking pictures of buildings.   I was very much attracted to those layers of low rise housings during my previous day trip to Busan.  Hence, when I found out about Taegeukdo Village, I looked forward to check out this place.   I really like this village a lot because of the layout of each individual household painted in cheerful colours, making it looked like lego.  That's why it also has a nickname called the "Lego Village".  You can check out Visitkorea for more details.

Saw this when I get off from the bus.  The bus stop which I alighted does not look like a bus stop to me but I forgot to take a picture of the bus stop. It looked more like a resting place.
The other half of the big notice board.  I didn't venture around the entire place.  I only went to the village.
A big map at the entrance of the village.

I was not sure if I took the correct route but I turned to the alley on my right..

I simply adored the cheerful colors of these buildings  ^^  Gathering from some online information, one has to be more sensitive while taking pictures here.  I tried not to take pictures when I see residents around but the place was pretty quiet.
I just walked on as I enjoyed the surroundings..

I'm used to steep stairways and slopes by now!
I can imagine how nice it would be to sit under this tree when its full of luxurious green leaves once again  ^^

Yes!  This is the reason why I came to this village  ^^
I met two tourists from Malaysia here and we helped each other to take pictures.   

The wind was super strong, which made us looked like crazy women in our pictures! Hahahaaa...

I guess this could be one of the artwork.

Narrow alleys are everywhere.
Suprisingly, I received my friends' messages because there's wifi around here.

I made my way through the narrow alleys to get a closer look of the residential area.

There were several Korean photographers taking pictures here as well.

Lovely pink hues!  I loikeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Taking a quick peep and a quick snap! 

Took this picture because I like the colors of the doors!  

Well, I didn't squeeze my way up though...

Strong wind...

This is dangerous....

He is painting the building.

Another artwork  ^^

Waoooo!  Saw this from another side of the village  ^^

I can see the roof tops from here!  The pictures may appeared the same for you but being there is different!  It sent me a "Waoo Waoo" whenever I saw this view in front of my eyes! 

I remembered this household has a big roof top as compared to the rest.

I walked up and down, turning into different alleys.

I didn't exit the village from where I started...I saw this when I came out from the place..I didn't know where was I but just turn to my right and walked...After walking for a few minutes, my gut feel told me that it was not the right direction.  Thus, I turned back and walked against the flow of traffic.

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