Tuesday, 24 April 2012

4 April 2012

After a good lunch, I tried to find my way to the nearest subway station to get to Toseong station.  You may find some of my post too lengthy or some pictures may appeared unnecessary to you.  글쎄, 난 상관 없어.  Well, I don't care because I wanna pen down all that I can recalled for this trip.

Looks interesting but 이것은 무엇?  Translations for who?  
 Saw many bird nests during this trip.  Bird nest looks most obvious when the tree is bare.   
This is the mybi card which I borrowed from Mr Son.

I think I took the subway from Jungang station which was just round the corner from the restaurant which I had my lunch.  It is much easier to take subway in Busan compared to Seoul but I thought it would be  easier to gauge the travelling duration from one station to another if Busan Metro can also provide a cyber subway route just like Seoul Metro.

I felt the subway cabins in Busan are slightly smaller than those in Seoul.
* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram 

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