Friday, 20 April 2012

Back in Spore....

I'm back.  Yes, back with a heart of gratitude and felt truely blessed to met so many kind Koreans and good weather for this trip.  No words can express how grateful I am but I was deeply touched by their kindness.  Maybe I am a person who is easily touched, but I can really feel the sincerity, kindness and warm from them.   Actually, I was also worried that I might encounter the rainy season but fortunately for me, there was only one day of drizzling for my whole trip.  The weather was either cloudy or sunny but of course, it was darn cold.  It gets warmer towards the last few days of my trip.
I'm still feeling groggy and having difficulties to switch over my mindset.  "Good news" is my weekends for these two weeks will be burnt because I have to OT.  Shit...

Gonna take some time to update my experience for this trip in this blog, so bear with me ^^ 

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