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3 April 2012 - Spring trip day 2

Ya...this is the first picture to start off my sharing experience for this trip....
Frankly speaking, I don't know how to start or where to start for my trip because it didn't start off well.   I won't go into details of what had happened but there was a moment where I thought I might have to cancel the trip and return to Singapore.  I didn't feel sad but it was just a big question mark in my head of, "How?  What should I do now?" because I still have to travel quite a fair bit to my motel in Busan...
Well.....I felt something was wrong with one of my eyes on the plane and couldn't really see when I touched down to Incheon Airport.   My itinerary was to stay in Busan for 6 days and followed by Seoul for 10 days.  There was no direct flight to Busan, I had to travel to Gimpo Airport from Incheon  Airport either by Arex or limousine bus.  Actually there was a flight by Asiana at about 7.25am from Incheon Airport to Gimpo airport but I thought it would be too rushing for me since my flight will reach Incheon Airport at about 6am, and I still have to collect my luggage first.  Anyway, I was glad I didn't take this option of taking the 7.25am flight because there was a flight delay of about 45 mins at Singapore Changi Airport during take off.  The reasons were due to connection delay and a passenger had lost his/her passport.

    Incheon Airport  ------------> Gimpo Airport  --------->  Gimhae Airport  --------->  Elysee Motel (Nampo-Dong)     
                             (AREX/Limo Bus)                   (Air Busan)                      (Limo Bus)

Therefore, I had to fly to Busan(Gimhae Airport) from Gimpo Airport and from there, I will take a domestic flight to Gimhae Airport.  From Gimhae, I will need to take a limousine bus to my motel at Nampo-dong.  Seriously, I wonder whether I can make it to the motel with my condition at that point of time.  Should I stay in Seoul or just grit my teeth and proceed to Busan?   I decided to see a doctor at Incheon Airport first.

I thought there should be a hospital or a clinic in an airport but I asked the airport staff to confirm whether there's any hospital in the airport.  They said yes.  I confirmed with them, was it really a "hospital?"  They reconfirmed "Yes".   I can only find this medical center in the airport which was located at the basement...if I did not remember wrongly..
I knew my own condition but was quite thankful to reach this place although it was not a hospital.  I was the only patient when I reached this medical center.  The lady doctor understood what I said in English but didn't really speak much English.  She prescribed me with a bottle of antibiotic eye drop and another bottle of eye drop, which she said was to protect my eye.  She advised me to see an eye specialist in the hospital.  I called my motel boss, Mr Son and explained my situation to him.  I asked him if there's any eye specialist in Busan.  He said," Yes, I can bring you there as they may not be able to speak English."  I didn't want to trouble Mr Son but somehow I felt the warmth from his words, and I decided to proceed to Busan.  

At this moment, I suddenly remember maybe I should get some documentary proof to claim for my travel insurance. Hence, I requested the doctor for an English translation of a medical certification for my insurance claim.  I am not sure whether the medical certification can be used for my claims but at least I tried.  The consultation fees wasn't expensive.  I think its less then SGD $25.   I thought medicine will be issued at the point when I paid but no.  I need to take the doctor's prescription to the pharmacy, where I will collect my medicine and paid for the medicine separately. The medicine which was my two bottles of eye drops cost less than SGD $30...again..if I did not remember wrongly.

This pharmacy is just opposite the medical center, where I collected my eye drops.  It was about 9am then.   Luckily, I gave myself some time allowance and booked the 10.30am domestic flight to Gimhae Airport.  I was still in time for my domestic flight.

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