Sunday, 29 April 2012

5 April 2012 - Getting to Taejongdae

Finally, I am into my 4th day in Busan!  Hahahaa...Yeah, I knew my posts can be rather long winded but being able to pen down each and every incident helped me to remember better and reminisce the overall experience for this trip.  
The itinerary for the day was Taejongdae, Busan Aquarium at Haeundae Beach, 광안리해수욕장 Gwangalli Beach and Namcheon dong Cherry Blossom Street.
I have been to Taejongdae during my previous trip to Busan but I wanted to go there again on public bus  ^^  

Breakfast of Panini Toast with Hot Americano for KRW6500 at Cafe Pascucci to start the day  ^^  I don't like coffee but it came in a set.  I shouldn't have taken the set...
우체국!   A place that I need badly for this trip!   Hahahaaa...
Saw a post office opposite Cafe Pascucci while having my breakfast. 
Now I know where's the nearest post office for me  ^^
After a good breakfast, I walked to Nampo Station, exit 6 to take bus no. 8 to Taejongdae Park.

Keeping to my right.  The bus stop is just ahead.

Many buses here.

I think there are a few buses to Taejongdae Park but I stick to bus no.8.  There was no bus no. 8 at the first bus stop, so I walked to the second bus stop which was only a few steps away from the first bus stop.  Yup, bus no.8 is available at the second bus stop. 

Saw a Chinese herb shop while waiting at the bus stop.

I confirmed with the bus driver if this bus goes to Taejongdae.   He replied,"네. 태종대." Boarded bus no. 8 at 10.05am.  Tapped my mybi card and it gave out a loud beep. Oops! That's when I realised I didn't top up my mybi card. embarassing!   

I asked the bus driver how much it would cost to go Taejongdae.  He replied smartly, "One thousand two hundreds."    Waooo!  Cool!  His English is not bad!   It was hot and stuffy in the bus.  I looked around to see if there's anyone opening the windows because the windows were shut.   Yes, there were others who opened their windows as well.  I opened mine slightly...

Cherry blossom trees along the way  ^^

They will be full bloom real soon  ^^


  1. hello! i have been reading your blog since last october!
    i will be going to korea for a summer programme at SNU this june!
    may i know how did you manage to find out the specific directions to certain placeS?
    did you get them off google?
    also, how did you manage to sieve out all the hidden treasures ?!!(the places not commonly known as tourist attractions)
    do you carry a notebook containing a detailed itinerary complete with directions while you travel?
    sorry flooding you with questions! i'll come back to check if you replied(: enjoy your trip!!

    1. Hihi,
      thanks for reading my blog. Hope it doesn't bored u.
      I have already replied to your email ^^

  2. hello! i didn't receive your email haha my email is sorry!!

  3. Hi!
    Done. Just sent to your mailbox =)