Monday, 23 April 2012

4 April 2012 - Visit to the eye specialist

This is the eye specialist.  I can't give the directions to get here because Mr Son took me on his scooter.   I think it was about 10 mins ride from the motel?   
The eye specialist was located on the second floor.  There were some slight commotion among the nurses.  Mr Son told me the nurse was not sure how to go about keying in my ID cos Koreans have an ID to key in for their health insurance...yeah something like that. The problem was subsequently resolved...

Many people were already there when we reached at around 9.30am.  However, we did not have to wait too long before my name was called.  It was kinda weird to hear my name being called cos it sound like any normal Korean name!  Mr Son and I were keeping a look out for my name.   

Yup.  That guy in this picture is Mr Son  ^^   Mr Son was my translator as the doctor told him about my condition.   I did not take any pictures of the interior but the place was equipped with professional equipments.
The consultation was KRW16,000, while the medicine which consisted of oral medicine and a tube of eye gel cost KRW22,000.  I thought that was cheap for a specialist!  Mr Son asked if I wanted to request for any  medical certification in English to claim for my travel insurance.  However, the nurse told us that that would cost KRW10,000, so I said forget it.
I had to buy my medicine at the pharmacy next door.  I asked Mr Son why was that so because I did the same when I consulted the doctor in Incheon Airport. If I did not remember wrongly, Mr Son said it wasn't like this years ago and this practice/regulation was introduced many years ago.  

On our way back, I casually mentioned to Mr Son that I heard its not easy to top up T-money in Busan and I got to buy a mybi card.  Mr Son said there's a family mart near Elysee Motel where he will bring me to top up my T money and he really brought me there on our way back to the motel!  Do take note that not all family mart can top up T money.  Ermm...I have to apologise to Mr Son because I realised I left my T money in the motel and we made a waste trip....죄송합니다  ㅠㅠ
Mr Son said its ok.  He also offered to lend me his mybi card where I will just pay him KRW5000 as the deposit because refund is not allowed for mybi card.  He told me he will return my deposit of KRW5000 when I return him the card upon check out.  That's so kind of him  ^^
The people at the pharmacy were very kind.  They gave us each a bottle of this for free!   
My medicine was packed in this paper bag. 
I think it is almost the same medicine that I used in Singapore previously. The eye specialist told me to continue using the eye drops together with this eye gel.  I went back to the motel to apply my medicine before I start my itinerary for the day!  Yeahhh!!    Really grateful to Mr Son who spent time sending me to the eye specialist and waited for me....I felt bad but extremely grateful to him..He assured me it was ok because he felt I need help.  정말 고맙습니다!

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