Saturday, 21 April 2012

3 April 2012 - Reached Busan safe & sound

My domestic flight was also slightly delayed by about 15 mins due to the poor weather.     Despite my eye condition, I can still remember my flight experience from Gimpo Airport to Gimhae Airport.  It was a memorable experience... 

There was a turbulence when the plane was almost reaching Gimhae.  I was half awake but I can felt every decline of the plane was very abrupt and I thought the plane landed rather aggressively.   Passengers around me looked shocked and there was someone who clapped when the plane landed safely.   When I told Jihye about this, she said she knew exactly how it felt like because she experienced the same situation before, and she thought she was going to die!  It didn't occur to me that something bad would happen.  I was only shocked to experience the whole thing.

*Ermm...I certainly do not need another good fright...

Reached Gimhae Airport.   
Took a rest at the cafe to have my favourite Green Tea latte  ^^

The limousine bus ticket office is right outside the arrival hall.

Upon exiting, I turned right and go straight.

Go straight for about 3 mins and the ticket office is right ahead.

Saw this before I reached the ticket office.

Bus routes

The 아저씨 at the ticket office asked where I'm going to.   I told him, "남포동 Nampo-dong".   Hence,  I bought the ticket heading for 부산역 Busan Station.  

Waiting for my limousine bus to arrive.

It was very cold and my eye condition did not get much better but the beautiful blue sky with big white clouds made me really happy.

Here comes my bus.  The lady driver asked me for my destination.  I told her Coastal passenger terminal 연안여객터미널.  
Yup. That's right.  Mr Son said I should alight at Coastal passenger terminal 연안여객터미널.  The lady driver wrote down my destination.  I thought that was really good.

This picture was taken when I was travelling on the bus.   
Oh gosh...I really love the weather that day  ^^  
*Housing is in me  Hur hur

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