Tuesday, 24 April 2012

4 April 2012 - Trip to Taegeukdo Village

Reached Toseong station via the orange line, line 1.

Saw this when I came out from exit 6.

Turn to your right where you will faced a mild slope.  Just go straight along with the flow of traffic. 
Saw this along the way.

Passed by Dunkin Donuts.  The bus stop to take my bus is not far from here.
Busan Cancer Center is beside Dunkin Donuts.  Just a few more steps to reach the bus stop.
This is the bus stop to take bus no. 2 to Taegeukdo Village.  There might be other buses to the village but I stick to bus no. 2.
The destinations were in hangul but I knew I ought to alight at the final stop, which was Gamjeong Elementary School.

Still wondering what is this since my last trip to Korea...

This building was opposite the bus stop.
Here comes my bus no.2.  I learnt I have to be quick in snapping my pictures under certain circumstances! Boarded the bus at 12.22pm. It was a hilly route up to Gamjeong Elementary School.  I didn't see any directional signs along the way.  
This is Gamjeong Elementary School 감정 초등학교 or maybe the school carpark because I saw the word 주차장 as well.  Anyway, alight when you see this.  This was my second time to take a public bus in Korea.  The first time was in Seoul but under Jae's guidance.  That was from Banpo bridge back to Ibis Myeongdong.  Quite excited and a bit nervous to take public bus again because I was not very certain as to where to alight! Hahahaa... It was 12.28pm when I reached here.  I'm not sure how much was the bus fare because I simply tapped my mybi card...

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