Thursday, 26 April 2012

4 April 2012 - Journey back from Taegeukdo Village

Ok back to where I stopped from my previous post on Taegeukdo Village dated 24 April 2012 I walked against the flow of traffic in search of the bus stop and saw this bus stop as shown below.
I was not sure whether bus no. 2 would stop here or whether this was the correct bus stop to take my bus back to the subway station.   

Nevertheless, I waited for bus no. 2 at this bus stop but strangely, bus no 2 did not stop here.  It stopped somewhere nearby which looked like a bus terminal.  Hence, I walked further down and saw the bus stop which I alighted earlier on.  

Saw this opposite the road.

Since the bus has yet to arrive, I decided to cross the road to take a peep at this school.

Peeping from the school main entrance...

The school compound

This looked like something to do with sports stadium because of the word 운동장.   Korean language has many similarities with Mandarin. Hmmm....but what does this actually mean?  Operating hours???  Hahahaa...I'm just making a wild guess!
Ah....Missed my school days...I remembered I dread Physical Education lesson because back then I was a little fatty 小胖.   I really hate to wear PE shorts and we were made to run so many rounds around the school compound.  Simply hate it!!  Hahahaahahahaaaa...


Right outside the school.   Niceeee   ^^

                                            View from the small overhead bridge  ^^

Reached the other side.   The bus stop where I first alighted was about 2 mins walk from here.   Remembered I mentioned about a bus terminal?  Actually, I was thinking of walking back there.  However at this point of time, I saw a bus no 2 in the opposite direction which means I should take bus no. 2 from the opposite side and not from this side.  The bus no.2 came to a stop at the road side, but that place where it stopped doesn't look like a bus stop to me.   I quickly crossed the road as soon as the traffic was cleared.  Erhhh...yeah...jaywalk...The bus waited for about 3 mins for anyone who wanted to board the bus.  I asked the bus driver if the bus goes to Toseong Station.  He said yes and told me to sit near him.   That's very kind of him, isn't it?

I board the bus at 2.02pm and reached the bus stop at 2.09pm.
I think this time the bus stop was somewhere near exit 10.

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