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4 April 2012 - 용두산공원 Yongdusan Park

Reminded myself several times, "refrain, refrain refrain."   I have to refrain myself from shopping too much because I didn't want to carry a heavy luggage to Seoul. was not easy to refrain myself from shopping because Elysee Motel is so strategically located near to the shopping area! It was almost 6pm and I decided to check out 용두산공원 Yongdusan Park. Thank goodness I love sightseeing, it helped me to shop lesser!

 Took the escalator up for the park and saw this painting along the way.

Saw this little corner along the way up.


More escalators to come, this is not the last one.

First sight of Yongdusan Park  ^^

Small shops just before I entered the park.  

A peaceful evening  ^^

Saw a lot of such big white flowers in this trip.
 They don't look big in this picture but its about a fist size.
I always wonder why so many big flowers can grow on a single tree.  May sound silly to you but I really wonder why...Jihye said that's the wonders of nature.

오모!  First sight of cherry blossom!!!!  The purpose of this spring trip was Cherry Blossom!  It made me so excited that I spent at least 15 mins to take pictures on this tree!!   
I didn't expect to see cherry blossom in tints of red because the pictures that I saw online was mainly of very light pink or white colors perhaps.
* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I guessed they were not in full bloom yet.  I thought of coming again before I leave Busan.  

I must confess why I spent at least 15 mins on one single tree...Beside being excited that it was the first time in my whole life to see a real cherry blossom, the wind was so strong and images captured were mostly blurred.  Thirdly and most importantly, I don't have the skill to capture its beauty!!!  Hahahaaa...

Felt a bit silly when I saw there's more cherry blossom....

The big bell

Busan Tower right ahead

The guy in the middle was teaching his friends how to dance.

I think this is the statue of Admiral Lee Sun-Shin.  Correct me if I am wrong..
A historical hero whom I admired a lot after reading the history.

I think this was the ticket counter to buy tickets for Busan Tower.  
Its not expensive but I did not thought of going up the tower.

Though I did not went up the tower, but I went to a higher ground, something like an observatory.

Lots of tourists but they were leaving when I reached.  

Love locks again!  Just like the ones in  Seoul Tower but this was on a much smaller scale.  I wondered who started the first lock  ㅋㅋㅋ

So cute  ^^
Was that a 100 days anniversary?   May you guys be happily together ^^

View from another side of the observatory

That marks the end of my tour at Yongdusan Park.  Dinner is next!!

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