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4 April 2012 - Piff Square

After checking out Taegeukdo Village, I took the subway to Jagalchi Station, exit 3 for Bosudong Bookstore Alley.  Somehow, I didn't manage to locate it and end up shopping at Piff Square(I think its Piff Square!!  Ermm...I think its Piff Square cos I saw the signage "Piff" almost everywhere.  Hur hur...
Seriously, I had no idea where I was walking because I got distracted by all the window display.  Hahahaa.. 
As I was writing for this post, I realised I have forgotten to visit 40 Steps Cultural Tour Street! It was a place where I wanted to visit. That gives me a reason to be back in Busan again, isn't it ^^  Yes! I will definitely stay in Elysee Motel once again when I visit Busan cos I know I am gonna miss Mr Son and his wife.
In this trip to Busan, I concluded that birds in Busan are fearless of people!  
All BDBO IQC members will surely remember this!  Hur Hur
Where distraction starts...

Quite a number of street food.  

Saw a long queue of Japanese tourists at this stall.   Guess what food is this stall selling?

씨앗 호떡 Seed Hotteok!!

This lady really amazed me.  Her left hand seems to be swimming on hot oil but isn't that hot???  It was a long queue so I decided to check out other places first and come back for my 씨앗 호떡 Seed Hotteok  ^^

Looks yummilicious!!!  Reminds me of 冰糖葫芦 in China!

I noticed there are a lot of big head girls characters in Korea and I have a soft spot for such big head girls cos they looked so cute  ㅋㅋㅋ

Many cafes and shops have such cute displays at their entrance  ^^ 

Decided to have a drink in Miss Kong cafe.  Wifi is available here.  
I ordered cold green tea. This was not something that I had expected. It was my first time to drink cold green tea in this manner. I really wondered how the taste of green tea exude in cold water?  Well, it has a very light green tea taste. I am glad that it does not taste sweet.
Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Left Miss Kong cafe and bought my 씨앗 호떡 Seed Hotteok from the stall I saw just now ^^  Happy because I told myself that I must eat 씨앗 호떡 Seed Hotteok because Nampo dong is famous for it!  It tasted pretty sweet but not very nutty as what some bloggers had mentioned.
The guy at this stall was very nice.  I was holding some waste papers in my hand.  Without a word, he simply took those waste papers and helped me threw it away.  Cool!

Does Mr Porky knew that it will become 삼겹살 SAMGYEOPSAL ㅠㅠ
조인성  Jo In Sung  ^^

The streets were so cleaned and there's hardly a rubbish bin in sight.  I walked and walked trying to find a rubbish bin!!  Suddenly, I feel like buying another 씨앗 호떡 Seed Hotteok from that stall!  Hahahaa...just to throw my rubbish...
Passed by this escalator that will go to 용두산공원(龍頭山公園) Yongdusan Park.  It was only then I realised I am somewhere near my motel!  So blur of me....

Home brand!  Reminds me of Singapore  ^^   안녕!  

Finally I found one rubbish bin near the subway station...yeah...I decided to walk to the nearest subway station, Nampo for a rubbish bin...Actually, its not that far...

I went to the convenience store and saw this guy eating ramen.  I always find it very appetising whenever I saw Koreans eating ramen at the convenience store in Korean drama.  I quickly snap a picture.  The cashier stared hard at me cos she saw what I did.  Hahahaaa...she must have thought I am stalking this guy. 아니오.... 

A cute vibrant looking shop that caught my attention immediately!  I liked this shop a lot  ^^   The salesgirl was very funny and helpful.  When she knew I am not a Korean, she still tried her best to communicate with me.  Again, it was what we called in Singapore, a "Chicken and Duck" situation.  Me in English while she spoke Korean.  At the end of the day, I decided to buy 3 pieces of clothes.  I casually asked her,"깎아주세요". She burst out laughing and told her colleague about it.  I knew why.  All this while, I was speaking in English and we were trying to understand each other.  Never did she expect me to say  "깎아주세요" so fluently!!  Well, this sentence was taught by my Korean tour guide many many years ago when I went to Korea.  It was an important sentence to learn, isn't it??   Not difficult to remember at all even though I hardly used it.  I think almost every tourists will know how to say this sentence!  Hahahaaaa...

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