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3 April 2012 - Elysee Motel @ Nampo Dong

Can you see that the guy in this picture was struggling to walk?  YES!!  The wind was so strong!  I thought it was typhoon when I alighted from the limousine bus!  The potted plants were blown off and I could hardly walk straight!  The journey to Coastal passenger terminal 연안여객터미널 was pretty fast but I can't remember how long it took.  

Elysee Motel is the building at the right hand side of this picture, behind the blue sign board.  This is the slope that was mentioned in the online reviews.  Hotels without wifi or inaccessible from Airport limousine bus stops will not be part of my consideration.  Elysee Motel does not have any wifi in the rooms but the location is excellent.  I decided on Elysee Motel because all the reviews except for one or two are good.  The good reviews were mainly on Mr Son's helpfulness and the motel accessibility to the nearest subway station(Nampo) which is less than 5 mins.  The not so good ones were about this slope and the old furnitures, which I felt that Mr Son's kindness and helpfulness has far exceeded any imperfection of this motel.   
Come on, slopes are so common in Korea!!!  I am only paying for KRW2500000 for 6 nights, what can I asked for?   In fact, I felt I was given more than what I was paying for.  

Check out the reviews for this motel from Agoda and Tripadvisor.  As for now, I can only tell you I have absolutely no regrets but only good memories and impression of this 2 stars motel.  You will know why as you read on.

Ok back to my story...It was about 1.15pm when I reached Elysee Motel.  Took me about 10 mins to reach the motel from the limousine bus stop where I alighted.  It should be faster to reach the motel, if not for my eye condition which made me struggled to read the map against the strong wind...I need not have to give any directions to the motel here because Mr Son will furnish you with a lot of useful information to reach the motel after you made your reservation.  
Motel Elize is also known as Elysee Motel  ^^

Looked like a castle to me
Initially when I made my reservation in early Feb, I wanted an Ondol room but Mr Son told me that they were all taken up.  I was quite disappointed because I missed sleeping on the Ondol which I did several years ago in Korea.  I requested Mr Son to give me an Ondol room if there's one available when I check in.  I didn't expect him to remember, but when Mrs Son asked if I still wanted an Ondol room.  My immediate response was, "Oh really??  Of course!!"   I was so so happy!  She has already prepared the room for me and Mr Son said he has heated up the floor for me the previous night!  

Excited!   This will be my room for the next 6 days  ^^  
The passageway is a bit dim but that's not an issue for me.

I was puzzled when Mrs Son first told me no shoes are allowed into the rooms.  She said I can leave my shoes outside the room.   That made me even more puzzled and I was imagining a row of shoes outside the rooms, along the passageway.  I understood what she meant only after I saw the layout of the room.   There's something like a recess area behind the main door.   No wonder...

First impression of my room? ?  Cosy, neat and comfortable  ^^  
I was really happy to get this room!

Busy taking pictures of this room.  I totally forgotten all about my eye condition!

I did not use them but waaaooo...everything was provided.   

Something like what I saw in some Korean restaurants. 
Still trying to figure what is this though....Hahahaa

2 complimentary drinks were provided.

No coffee pot to boil water but this is rather convenient
Clean, neat and spacious

Shampoo, shower gel and something with a label "Rinse" were provided.  I don't know what is "Rinse" for...maybe its conditioner??   I brought my own shower gel and shampoo though  ^^

Don't understand....

I think this is very thoughtful.  Another reason why I choose to stay with Elysee motel was because it is very easy to make reservation.  The website is available in English.    You can check out Elyseemotel for more details.

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