Sunday, 29 April 2012

4 April 2012 - Touring around the market

송승헌  Song Seung-heon !!!  

Reminds me of Samcheongdong  ^^

I was searching for my dinner and landed up in this place which looked like a market.   

We also have seamstress back in Singapore markets.

Different alleys selling different items.  I remembered there were a few shops in one of the alleys selling vintage clothings, which were quite nice.

She was taking out the frozen fish.  Does that mean she will be selling fish at night? 

I am always excited and tempted to buy something back to Singapore whenever I came across all these pots!!  I didn't though...

So cuteeeeee!  I wished I can buy all of them!!  Trying to come up with an excuse to buy something from here but logical analysis ruled out all my excuses ㅠㅠ

Colorful things never fail to catch my attention!

I was hungry...There were just too many alleys for me to complete them all, so I decided to take the nearest exit and saw this signage.

Another alley beside the one which I exited.

Shopping at supermarkets is one of my favourite activity especially when I am in foreign countries!

딸기!  So cheap but I didn't buy it cos I knew I won't be able to finish such big box within three days..Strawberries do not keep well.  

A lot of tents for Saju and Tarot card reading.  I tried asking one of them but they can't speak English.   At this point of time, I was still searching for my food cos I didn't know what to eat.  

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