Sunday, 4 December 2011

21 Oct 2011 - Day 12 in Korea

I took the subway to Anguk subway station, exit 6 for Jogyesa Temple.

Mural at Anguk subway station ^^

Walk straight from Anguk station, exit 6

There's a information centre nearby exit 6

Cool idea to promulgate Eco friendliness. 

This is not an abandoned fridge  ^^

The ramen pot!

Miss Lee Cafe!!  Yippeee  得来全不费功夫!  
I was planning to find this cafe for my lunch.  Turned around and saw it! 

I was busy taking pictures when a group of young students came up to me,"언니.........."  I understood what they wanted but I didn't know how to reply.  They asked if I can helped to take a picture of them with a tourist from India.  They were very excited  communicating with the tourist in English and they spoke a lot of simple English.  Hahahaaa...they thought I was Korean and that made me most happy  ㅋㅋㅋ 
Again, I said "One, Two, Three" instead of," 하나, 두, 세"  to take picture.  The students' facial expression suddenly change with a look of surprise!  Hahahaaa...they realised I was a foreigner afterall.   I can feel they felt embarrassed but they didn't know I was happy to be thought as a local!  After taking pictures, one of them was telling her friends in Korean to thank me.   All of them said, "Thank you" to me with a slight nod.  They were really cute and fun loving  ^^ can't eat this and you can't eat here

Its time to proceed to Jogyesa Temple.   
Saw Woori Bank 우리은행 in the picture?  
Its right ahead on the far left, beside Miss Lee Cafe. 
Walk toward to the bank.

Pass by here and turn to your left

Walk straight.  Jogyesa Temple will be on your right, across the road.

So cute 

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