Wednesday, 21 December 2011

23 Oct 2011 - Day 14 in Korea

From San Churro, I found my way to Ehwa Woman Univ.  It was a Sunday but there were many people.  Among them were tourists who came here to take pictures. 
Why was it "Womans"?

This place is just toooooo pretty for studying especially in Spring and Autumn..

Nicee  ^^
Envy her....nice environment to read a book  ^^  but I will get distracted easily if there's too many people around...

Does this look like a school compound to you?  Maybe not for us in Singapore, but this environment felt like in the western countries to me....the students are really blessed to be able to study in such a nice environment..

Classes in progress

I just love green, yellow, orange and red ㅋㅋㅋ
 Visitors were restricted to certain places in the school compound but that's ok for me   ^^  I walked one round in the school compound. 

The clouds above me...

I can't help but to take more pictures of the lovely foliage...

One common bird species that I saw in Korea

I thought it was all black in color until I took this picture

Back to where I first started

Classes in progress

One last picture before I leave....
Hmmm... I noticed there were also a lot of Korean who came here to take pictures.

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