Monday, 5 December 2011

21 Oct 2011 - Day 12 in Korea

Walking back to Insadong from Jogyesa Temple.   I always heard foreigners said that Singapore has wide spacious road but I think the roads in Seoul are much wider.

I was not hungry but I can't wait to check out Miss Lee Cafe  ^^  It was one of the cafe which I looked forward to visit. 

It was packed when I arrived during lunch time.  I waited for about 10mins before getting a seat.

There were many students who came here for lunch.

많이 좋아해 ^^

도시락 Dosirak, Korean lunch box  ^^

The tradition was to shake it before eating it.   I can't make out what was the meat at the top left corner in the dosirak.  It looked like sausages but doesn't taste like the usual sausages that I ate.  The food was nice but I think people come here to experience and reminisced those good old days in school..

아이스 홍시!  This was delicious!  I never like to eat persimmon fruit because the ones that we imported from XXXXX country doesn't taste good...too soft for my liking.  Whereas Korea's persimmon fruits are different, they are sweeter and more crunchy.   This cold persimmon dessert that I ate at the cafe was good.  The cafe also served complimentary rice snacks but I was too full to finish them.  The sweet rice tea was nice too. 

I noticed  the bills will be placed overturned on the table in the Korean culture.    At first, I didn't knew it was the bill and was curious what was that being overturned..My first instinct was to turn over and see hahaaa...Jae said that was to let the guests eat at ease!

Oh ya, I had the sweet drink made from fermented rice tea.  Not bad ^^

Took more pictures when there's few people left

My seat

I came to this cafe not because it was featured in "We Got Married".  I liked this place the moment I saw it from the Internet  ^^

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