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24 Oct 2011 - Day 15 in Korea

Seon Young suggested to go Children Grand Park because it was near her house.   We took a subway there.  I think there were two stations that can reach Children Grand Park.  One was "Children's Grand Park" and the other one was the station we alighted...ehhhh....I can't recall the name of the station...
It was freezing cold when we reached there...the wind was pretty strong....brrhhhhh.....Despite the coldness, I was happy to see the beautiful foliage!  This never fail to make me happy  ^^

Beautiful foliage everywhere....You can imagine how frequent I have to stop to take pictures...Seon Young couldn't really understand why I keep taking pictures of these trees and leaves.  I told her they are so beautiful and we don't get to see this in Singapore.  She was surprised to hear that and told me, she only think of how the cleaners were going to sweep up all the withered leaves ㅋㅋㅋ

Can you see my little idol from far?????!!!  
I spotted her right away because she was in the "limelight"!!  ㅋㅋㅋ

All of them were so adorable!  I wasn't sure if my little idol was drinking from her water bottle or milk bottle but I like her a lot because she got character!  Hahahaa...She got that heck care Hokkien, we called "Bochap"!!
My little idol is in her own world. 
Totally can't be bothered by others.
She is sooo COOL!  I loikeeeeeeeeee!!

She simply bochap ㅋㅋㅋ

Lion King
He roars....and Sangyoon was taken aback!

Mr Lion King doing his yoga stretch.   Waaa....he got a slim waistline....

Up close and personal!   Sangyoon was afraid to go near the glass panel  again!

He likes taking pictures but he was worried to sit near the glass panels! 
OMG! My first time to see an elephant pee! 
It never crossed my mind it can be so much...

안녕 !! Our little friend was not afraid of people  ^^
Taking a break from the cold...
While SangYoon loves his fries, I love my Green tea Latte because green tea was my favourite!  
I didn't notice Singapore cafes have Green tea Latte..

Blur and lousy picture....but this was exactly what I saw.  
Guess what bird is this? 
Its a vulture! 

Poke Poke...

A vending machine selling animals feed. 
There were different types of feeds for different animals.
Sangyoon said he wanted to feed the deer.

He was very happy and all ready to feed the deer!

Ermmmm...Seon Young and I ended up feeding the deer because Sangyoon backed out the last minute...

Educating both children and adult...

I like this polar bear...the answer is on the next picture  ^^

So sweet rite ^^

 Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

 이것은 무엇 입니까?  What  flower is this?

Sangyoon was bugging his mother to buy animal feed again and this time was for the elephants...but it was really a bad idea...You shall see why in the next picture....
The elephants were too far away from the fence!  We can never get the animal feed to reach the elephants!  The animal feed that Sangyoon threw was perhaps only 10cm away from him....Haizzzz.....Lesson learnt...its not a good idea to buy animal feed to feed the elephants here...

I think we  entered into a centre in the park...

Dongchimee & his toilet roll...

Dalki!!  I spotted a familar red head from below  ^^  
Came up to check and its really my Dalki!

Sangyoon spotted a playground!

The slide was dirty because it rained just now...but Sangyoon had it spanking clean when he slided down ㅎㅎㅎ
Making his way back again in the hard way...Kids love this, don't they??

My favourite in a playground  ^^

Bird nest??  Bee hive??

Happy to see beautiful foliage  ^^

Fallen leaves all over the place...

This is a lotus pond.  I believe it will look pretty during summer  ^^
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

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