Friday, 16 December 2011

23 Oct 2011 - Day 14 in Korea

Actually, I wanted to have mandu for my breakfast because I saw some good online reviews of a very popular mandu stall near exit 7, but I couldn't locate it.   Despite that, I was very happy to see this shop because I wanted very much to eat 바지락 칼국수 clam noodles all this while!  Finally, here's my chance  ^^    아줌마 asked me what I wanted to eat.  I didn't even have to finish my sentence of,"바지락 칼국수" and only replied, "바지락" ie clams but 아줌마 understood what I meant.  Was it because she knew I am a foreigner or was it because that's how the local will say.  Hmmm..that's two extreme scenarios ㅎㅎㅎ 
Come to think of it, it didn't occurred to me that I would be served with a whole plate of clams  ㅋㅋㅋ

The real open concept kitchen ^^

Self service of Kimchi.  Sometimes one may not finish all the 반찬 banchan in a meal.   This happened not just to foreigners but also to the local people as well.  I think this method is good.  You take only the amount you want and helps to reduce wastage of food.. 

My 바지락 칼국수  ^^  This was so yummy!   I only add a small amount of chillies to try if it was too spicy for me.  Nope at all.  There was a couple sitting beside me, sharing a big bowl of 바지락 칼국수.  When I said big, its really BIG.......twice the circumference of my bowl!  I was shocked when I turned and saw the big bowl.  I have never seen such a big bowl before.  The bowl was big but not deep.  The noodles looked just as yummy to eat in that BIG bowl!  In fact, I find its more appetising to share food ^^

Thoughtful gesture in the Korean culture to provide a mini bin for disposal of the clam shells  ^^  By the way, there were really a lot of clams...

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