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24 Oct 2011 - Day 15 in Korea (Last night in Korea)

Sob...Sob...it was my last night in Korea........packing my luggage with a heavy heart...Can I stay on in Korea?   I am always proud to be a Singaporean and always felt blessed living in Singapore...but there's just that something that pulls me to Korea. 
Well, it is not like the saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side".  Nope because every country has their own set of rules and culture, their pros and cons...no one set of rules can pleased every single person..
I just love Korea so so much.  Sometimes when you like something or someone, words can't explain why...its simply acceptance over everything.  Like means Like.  Don't like means Don't like.  Wish I can stay on here....내소원이 언젠가 이루어질길 바래

Innisfree became my favourite Korean brand in this trip.   I bought this body oil cream because I love the scent!  It smell really nice and has a very good moisturising effect.  Don't be mislead by the word, "oil cream".  It is not oily at all.  The cream gets absorbed easily into the skin.  I hope to see this brand in Singapore real soon!   Oh, by the way, Yoona of Girls Generation is the spokesperson for Innisfree.   I am not her fan but I think she is sooo perfect looking.  Definitely every guy's dream girl!

I passed by SAEM and was 'dragged' into the shop by the persuasive salesgirl.  I was not familiar with this brand and not sure what to buy, but I thought there might be something that I can get because 이승기 Lee Seung Gi is the spokesperson for Saem.   I am not his fan... hahahaa... but I wanted to get his poster for Elaine who is a BIG BIG fan of 이승기 ㅋㅋㅋ 
The salesgirl was from China, and studying in Korea...*super duper envy .....
Anyway, I noticed there were a lot of salesgirls from China in Myeongdong cosmetics shops.  Its good to have them around because I can communicate with them in Mandarin!  
Back to my salesgirl, she was really doing hard sales but very helpful and nice.   She told me this bottle of cleanser is a very popular item in the shop.  I told her I will buy on condition, she can give me a poster of 이승기.  She immediately told the cashier to prepare the poster for me! 
This bottle of cleanser was not expensive...less then SGD $15??  I can't remember..

I took a picture of this because I find it rather amazing....Let me explain why..
First, pump a bit of the cream and apply on your face.  The cream is greyish purple in colour.  Massage slightly as you apply the cream over the entire face.  After applying, leave it on and wait for about one second.  You will see a layer of light greyish foam surface on your face.  Wipe it off.   The salesgirl told me the light greyish foam is the dirt on my skin.  This is gimmick to me but interesting though.  I have very sensitive skin but this is gentle enough for me.   Lastly, I use my cleansing foam to wash my face.   To summarise, this cleanser acts like a cleansing oil/cream for me before using my cleansing foam.

This is another top favourite of mine!  It is also from Innisfree  ^^  I bought the one with virgin olive oil, not realising how good it was...I bought it at random because I love products with olive oil and green tea.    I have super dry hands so green tea wasn't my first choice.   I visited Innisfree several times during my stay in Seoul, and saw a lot of Taiwanese bought many tubes of this flavour(virgin olive oil).  I didn't think much of it until I wanted to buy the same tube again....Much to my surprise, all the stocks for this flavour was sold out in Myeongdong for several days, even until my last day in Seoul.  Without much choice, I bought the other two flavours, Green Tea and Canola Honey.   I like the scent for both Vigin Olive Oil and Green Tea flavour but Green Tea was not very effective for my super dry hands.  Canola Honey was more effective than Green Tea but I don't really like the feeling on my hands.  Virgin Olive oil is the best!  Smells good, easily absorbed and very good moisturising effect!  You bet I will buy at least a dozen of it on my next trip!!!

The thought of tomorrow makes me very sad...Gwangjang Market will be the last place to visit before I checked out...sobs....

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